Thank You
Elon Musk

For pursuing an idea simply because it is fun; for imagining technologies that will improve the future of mankind; for acting on your ideas and sharing them with the rest of us.

You are inspiring.

Thank you man.

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Thank you Elon for bringing the stars closer to usboth physically and visually through a smogless sky

You are like that one guy who always says he can do something outrageous but the difference is you actually follow through

You taught me how to dream and think big THANK YOU

It frustrates me that youre one of the only billionaires actively trying to save the world Thank you so much for being one of the most influential people of our century

Youve given my future husband something to look forward to by working for the expansion of our existence to other worlds but please give him a break and a raise soon

All hail
Abel Mable Towable Table

420 Blaze it and Create a better world for us all

Thank You for showing me and the world that radical improvements are possible
Polys C

You are my inspirator Words cannot express the impact youve had on my life Thank you for making the world a better place
Felix G.

You are truly an inspiration to me I have decided to be an engineer and want to work on building rockets and space because of you thank you

Most people are good

Thank you for standing up to the SEC however briefly

Elon love you long time
Muhamed Taibi

Thanks for the memes

Why do none of the quotes have an ending parenthesis

Love Is The Answer

thanks for the inspiration

Thanks for being one of the only sensible people in the world trying to make a difference instead of complaining about something and not helping it

You are my personal hero

inspiration secured

elon you are doing great keep being you and dont forget there are people out there who think you are awesome

will you marry me

You are hot

leave this man alone
kayne west

Thanks for the memes

Love you

420 blaze it

Thanks for building my Model 3

You are our savior

You are our best hope

Please accept the most gracious thanksElon king of kings savior of the universeDo not ever forget how far we have comeOr where he is yet to take mankind

Thank you for busting unions Enron

Inspires me everyday thanks Elon

Much inspiration Very inspired

Your pretty cool and I can not use non ASCII characters so no smiley face
A random high schooler

Thank you for changing the world you are my inspiration

omg so inspired xd

Thank you for being one of the few smart people on Earth

can you help us reclaim rhodesia please
Ian Smith

Absolutely ludacris luv u

Thanks for inspiring me

Thanks for all the messages

You are the reason I read books because you read so many and you are smart so I want to be smart

Thanks for the fireworks

for weeding in podcast like a boss

Thank you for crushing filthy unions and showing everyone drugs make you super cool

Fly me to the moon Elon

Hey now you are an all star
Smash Mouth

Thank you for making everything possible again
Rogier Zwarthoff

You are a true inspiration, I copy everything you do.
Jeff Bezos

You are absolutely brilliant. Keep going. You are a brillaint thinker. You just go out there and try to solve thw world's problems.

Before I know about SpaceX, I don't care at all about space. Being an astronaut, our nation don't have enough money (I'm Indonesian). Now I'm dreaming to be an Indonesian astronaut to Mars with BFR ! Continue making the world an exciting place !

You've helped nurture a new ideology in the business world. Whilst some find it controversial. Transparency is something stakeholder both want and deserve

Thank you for being a fucking genius of this wordl.

Thank you for spreading hope about the future of engineering.

Truly inspirational. Please continue to raise the bar and pave the road for future generation to follow. -Tom

Thank you but don't forget to take a nap!

Next level man. Thank you.

Thank you for being here for the humanity!! please make some clones of yourself, you know just in case..

You and your companies are the most inspiring shit this planet has ever had going on it. Thanks forever.

The longer you are alive the more hopeful I get about humanity's survival. Our world is trending to chaos and you are the superhero pushing to prevent it. You may not know it but the hopes and dreams of humankind rest squarely on your shoulders. While billions of souls pursue their self-interests you are one of the few pursue selflessness. Thank you.

thank you my niggas
Elon Musk

smoke my ciggies

As long as the sun hangs in the sky, as long as the gales gallop in from the sea, as long as the trees — those verdant lungs of Mother Earth — breathe still, as long as the soprano songbirds and bass frogs' voices paint the air, and as long as the soul is the prisoner of the body, my heart will, too, be a prisoner, and the man with the key to my cell is Elon Musk. Peace out to my niggas. Yeet.
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you
Scott L

The human race is lucky to have you.

You have done more to inspire my little boy Johnny than anyone else could. Because of you, he's taken to buying model rocket sets and he's become so creative and smart! Last week he strapped his favorite Matchbox car to the rocket to be just like you, and we're currently working together on launching his pet hamster Sprocket with the next rocket! :-) You are truly inspiring the next generation!
Kathy Burns

I just want a big sniff of Musk's musk. I bet that asscrack is full of pheromones. I wanna lick it.
57th Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe

Honestly I can't even cum anymore unless I'm staring directly into the eyes of Elon Musk's picture. My girlfriend's gotten upset because I keep getting her to wear a bag over her head with Musk's face printed out on it whenever we fuck, and sometimes I give her a big gooey facial and it soaks into the paper.
Lindsey Graham

I honked off to images of space for twenty minutes this morning just like I do every morning before school. Thank you space daddy for this wonderful opportunity.
Barack Obama

Can't wait to own a Tesla and travel to Mars. Thanks for your relentless work ethic and vision for an exciting future!

Thank you for the Tesla battery swap stations.

Thank you Elon. You're an idol. Wish you a happy and healthy life. You deserve it.

Yeah, man! Thanks a world!

Give this man a statue, and world presidency.
Angelino Desmet

You are one of a kind!

For proving that I can be successful by helping people. I've always wanted to be rich and make an impact on the world, but in my mind they were always separate steps. I'm currently in my 4th year towards a Computer Engineering degree and there's not a doubt in my mind that I can change the world for the better."I would rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right."- Elon Musk

Don’t let them get you down. Don’t let the noise distract you from yourself. You are loved, admired, and appreciated. Stay amazing.

You've changed the world as we know it
Christian P.

Genuine awesome human being. THANK YOU!

I can't wait to help in the cause to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy! You have inspired me to seriously pursue a career in the sustainable energy sector. See you when I'm fully qualified.

Thank you for taking humanity to next level
An admirer

“I want to think about future and not be sad”- this statement moved me. There is a huge business for electric cars in india, small hatch back , pickups to semi trucks.

You inspired me to be better, smarter, more useful. Thank you man.
Michael Černý

Can’t wait to see where this man takes humanity.

You have re sparked my interest in the future. Thankyou!